ThomW's Greasemonkey Hell


Do yourself a favor and head over to to get the most recent versions of the important scripts.

Not all made the leap to Github yet, so I'm keeping this page around in case someone wants to try using these, though I doubt they'll work out-of-the-box.

These scripts require Firefox and Greasemonkey.

Shacknews Scripts

Essential Scripts

These are scripts no true Shacker should be without.


Non-essential scripts to enhance your Shacking experience

Stupid Shit

These scripts are stupid. You have been warned.


These scripts work basically everywhere.


I can't verify that this still works since I can't remember my stoofoo password (again) but give them a whirl:

I wrote a pretty slick script for


knitemare hasn't been around much anymore, and people aren't using easyscreens like they used to...


If you use for an online rental service, check out my Blockbuster Links in IMDb script