Since I’ve been sending out links to some people to check this monstrosity out, I might as well use this space for something productive.

Some background

I originally created back in 1998 before CMS’s were common, and blogs were just about what people ate for breakfast, and how lonely everyone was. Now, blogs are used by everyone, and while I’ve been a fan of reading cool blogs over the years, I never thought about starting one myself.

About six months ago, Tony Nilles – my partner-in-crime (aka. our uncompressed podcast) — approached me about doing a weekly podcast on gaming, technology and other stuff we’re interested in. I agreed, and we set out to find a decent platform to get our ‘cast in front of the largest audience. WordPress was an obvious answer. It’s free, written in PHP (my web scripting language of choice) and has an army of developers writing useful extensions that would help us getting our feet wet in the wide wide world of podcasting.

Well, doing the podcast and running our WordPress blog was extremely eye-opening and made me realize what I was missing with my humble little corner of the internet. All of my fun/stupid (depends who you ask) projects have been scattered around on a hundred different web sites with nothing to really glue them

The Merger

I guess that’s what brings us to today and the dawning of a new era.

Thom is a blogger.

6 Responses to “FIRST POST!”

  1. Oh, and before I get a thousand posts about what’s wrong, I’ll preemtively say there’s a ton of screwy stuff on the site. If you feel like posting a list, go for it, but it’s probably already on my list.

  2. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

  3. naisioxerloro : I made the WordPress Theme from scratch.

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