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Check out my portfolio and resume to see examples of some of the other work I've done in the past.

Thom Wetzel

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  • Snowfall! An Experiment Using HTML5/CSS3

    I cooked up a fun experiment using HTML5/CSS3 for the holidays. I call it Snowfall. It's a screenful of falling snow for your enjoyment. If you're a huge nerd like me and a big fan of Star Wars, you can also use a special alternate set of snowflakes borrowed from Anthony Herrera's set of Star Wars Snowflakes by going to

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  • Portfolio and Resume Updates

    I made some long-needed updates to my portfolio page. I love getting stuff like that off my plate. I've also been working on making my Resume mobile-friendly using Media Queries. Make sure you click the little icons in the upper right to check out some of the different styles. Corkboard should not be missed.

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  • 11 Years and Still Going Strong!

    I love that people are still using Bitmap Font Builder after all this time and want to thank everyone that sends me an email telling me what they're using the application for. I'm just tickled to know that in the 11 years since I wrote it (it's been six years since its last release!) that people are still finding uses for its AWESOME POWER. Anyone using it for a game or interesting project that has a web site should let me know - I might post a link here!

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  • Xbox Live Support Woes Followup

    After writing my blog post about issues I was having with my son's Xbox Live Gold account, I used social media to my advantage and tweeted a link to my story to @xboxsupport, and started a thread in the Chatty on (where I regularly hang out ... I'd link to my profile, but ... ) to spread the word about the issues I was having. @xboxsupport, true to their "Guinness World Record Holder: Most Responsive Brand on Twitter", one of their CSRs ^JD thanked me for the link within minutes

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  • PSA: When Signing Up for Xbox Live, Lie About Your Kid’s Age

    My nine year old son and I play video games together. A lot of video games. So many in fact, that I decided a while back to buy him his own Xbox 360 so we could play System Link games together. Halo co-op is a lot more fun when every player doesn't have to share half his screen with the other guy. Tommy and I are huge fans of Crackdown. We own two copies of the game and have played through it together a bunch of times, and we were both excited to get our grubby mitts on Crackdown 2. Unlike Crackdown 1, Crackdown 2 didn't work over System Link so I had to cave in and buy the kid his own $50/year Xbox Live Gold Account. As if it's not expensive enough having bought two Xbox 360s, and a bunch of copies of various System Link-able games, now I'm having to shell out $50/year for the kid to play certain titles with his old man.

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  • Happy 5th Birthday, Xbox Live!

    I was messing around looking through Xbox Live the other night and had some thoughts on ways Microsoft could make it more enjoyable. I sent it off to my good friend Alex Petraglia of PrimoTech to see if he'd be interested in sharing it with his audience and it looks like he did. Check it out: Five Suggestions for Xbox Live

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I'm a software application developer based in Harrisburg, PA who loves to make stuff that works.

If you're looking for a freelance web/application developer to do nights and weekend work, give my resume a look, browse through my portfolio and drop me a line.

I'm also currently seeking fulltime employement, so if you're looking for a smart, hardworking developer for front-end, PHP or C# work in or around Harrisburg, PA I'd love to talk to you.

- Thom Wetzel

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