Grand Unveiling

I’m pleased to welcome you to the new

The site’s been completely redone from scratch to serve as a landing point for people looking for information on all of the projects I’ve done over the years. For a long time, I’ve maintained two seperate sites: for my gaming-related things and for my web development work. I’ve finally come to the decision that this is really dumb. haha

I’m going to miss a few things about the old site (like my hokey Disasteroids 3D page — which was really the first page I ever put in front of peoples’ eyeballs) and a few things that I haven’t redone yet (I’m talking about you, broken portfolio link) but I’ve been working on this on and off for the last couple months and I think it’s finally time to stop worrying and make it live already.

The site is powered by WordPress, the open source blogging software but I’ve designed a custom theme for the site with some of the features that I think are lacking from almost every developer’s blog that I’ve ever visited. The Projects bar on the front page makes it easy to see and jump to the stuff I’ve put out there for the world to use and abuse. Also, when you’re in one of the project’s pages, the sidebar will show a list of pages, posts and links that are related to that project, which makes it easier to hop around and see what’s going on with that project.

8 Responses to “Grand Unveiling”

  1. I tried to get moved over, but things at my web host prevented that from happening.

    In a way it’s good because it’ll give me some time to triple-check before throwing the switch on that. ;)

  2. Love the overhaul man! Behold the power of the ThomW empire! *cues imperial march*

  3. Format looks great, Thommy Boy. What can I say, I want to grow up to be just like you.

    But a little skinnier.

  4. You better run and pray I don’t catch you! ;)

  5. Thom, The site looks great. I have always been a fan of the great work you do. Keep it up, I will probablt benefit the most from the nice credits page you created! Cheers!

  6. I envy your abilities :-)

  7. It’s looking really nice now. I should do something similar – I trashed my blog seeing as I haven’t posted since January, but there’s still all sorts of things on there I’d like to bring into one cohesive site.

    One thing though – Firefox is spazzing when I type certain things (like slashes and apostrophes) so I’ve had to write this in UltraEdit and paste in..

  8. @SiW – Mine does the same stupid thing sometimes. It gets into this weird mode where it interprets every slash and apostrophe as though I want to search the page for some text. It’s weird.