Shacknews Soul Sucker Filter

Ever make this face after reading one of those horrific news stories people sometimes post in the Latestchatty?

Well, hopefully this Greasemonkey script will help eliminate the need to ever make this face again.


  1. Install Firefox
  2. Install Greasemonkey
  3. Click on the following link and click on Install Script button in the Greasemonkey toolbar that shows up across the top of the screen.

Using the Soul Sucker Filter

Next time you see one of those horrible soul-sucking posts, click on the little frowny guy icon next to the author’s name and the script will collapse the post and transmit the post number to my site, where it’ll get stored in a database.

Once enough people flag the post as being a Soul Sucker, it’ll automatically be sent down to all users using the script so it’ll be blocked for all the users of the script.

One Response to “Shacknews Soul Sucker Filter”

  1. where can i get the source code of Disasteroids 3D ? can you provide the links?